Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fact Check

I've decided to implement a semi-regular category in this blog. We're calling it Friday Fact Check, as evidenced by the title of this thread.

The reason for this should be fairly clear to anyone who has been paying attention to politics in America for the past couple of decades or so. Conservatives and the rest of the country are functioning with two entirely separate groups of facts. Normally this would be a cue for any liberal blogger to start in on a rage about the FOX network and their lackadaisical attention to the truth.

I'm not going to take that cue. It's not FOX's fault. It's the viewer's fault. No one forces viewers to listen to those lies and no one forces viewers to believe those lies, especially when the truth is accessible through the not particularly taxing method of using a search engine or accessing one's own long term memory.

Seriously, people, this is not complicated. Here.

If we're going to have intelligent conversations on the issues of the day there are some facts we all need to stipulate as, you know, factual. Anyone unwilling to stipulate to certain facts is a liar. There's no reason to soften that statement or pretend otherwise. If you're not willing to look at clearly documented facts when they are presented to you and you continue to spread non-factual information after clearly documented facts are presented to you, you are a liar. Stop doing that.

Fact From Recent Days That Need to Be Recognized:

On The Verdict in the Roeder Trial:

Dr. George Tiller did not offer later term abortions to any and everyone who came in off the street. Kansas law is very clear and very strict when it comes to this issue. A viable fetus cannot legally be aborted and Dr. Tiller was consistently found to be complying with the law.

On One Small Aspect of the State of the Union Speech:

Presidents publicly disagree with the Supreme Court all the time. Unless someone is claiming that every president since 1973 has been ardently pro-choice, (in which case, stop talking to them because they are clearly too delusional to function) every Republican president has mentioned Roe v. Wade in at least one of the State of the Union speeches. Guess what? That counts as publicly disagreeing with the Supreme Court.

And finally, a specific response to the GOP rebuttal of the State of the Union, which was painful and sad in it's gratuitous attempts at both stagecraft and statecraft. The painfully obvious way in which you had both a Black lady and an Asian man front and center for the speech DID NOT FOOL ANYONE. How about, rather than try to convince people that you are diverse and accepting of many types of people you actually work on being diverse and accepting of many types of people? You can start by dropping the ridiculous purity test thing.

As to the content of the actual speech...

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