Thursday, October 29, 2009

So, Remember That Whole Health Care Conversation?

The one that was going to be rational and fact based and have the best interests of the American people at heart? Yeah, neither do I because it never fucking happened. What we got instead was a summer full of lies, faulty statistics, other lies, cries of "Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and any other -ism that the less rational, most vocal segments of the debate could come up with. It's been terribly frustrating sifting through the misinformation to come up with some good, hard facts, or at least facts that seem a little bit credible.

But it is fall now, when semesters start, leaves fall and people at least pretend to get down to serious business and I found a piece of information that I find terribly interesting.

Recall, if you will (and I know you will because I just told you to) the president, when he was but a lowly candidate, spoke about cutting fraud, waste and abuse in the medical care field in an effort to help pay for his health care reform initiative? Recall how the right went up in flames and screamed about Socialism whilst they simultaneously tried to paint themselves as the defenders of Medicare? Recall the scorn and ridicule that FOX (I will not call them a news organization as they gave up any semblance of journalistic ethics long ago) heaped upon his head for making that claim?

It turns out they were right. Well sort of. A little bit and in the most entertaining way possible. The president got his numbers wrong alright. He low balled the estimate, at least according to this which you might want to print out and then tape to your face so as to force the idiot who simply regurgitates the FOX (still not going to call them a news organization) tells him when he goes home at night.

It's not going to change his opinion as he would have to engage the critical thinking center of his brain for that to happen but it may very well confuse him to the point where he wanders away to pester someone else.

Good luck, let me know if it works.

P.S. Someone let me know when I can get some decent health care.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Is Me Doing Something Nice

It is important to remember while reading this post that I do not have chilluns. I do not want chilluns and for the most part I do not like chilluns. Also, I have perfect pitch which means that when I hear a note my brain says A# and if you mean to play a note and instead play three or four or just make some screeching noise that hasn't been heard since the Jurassic period I know it and it makes me want to kill you until you stop.

And yet...

This evening I went to a concert band performance given by our local sixth graders. One of my friends has a child who was performing and due to various factors, largely begging on her part and the rare urge to be nice to someone on mine, I agreed to go. It was excruciating.

When I was a child my concerts included all three grades on middle school and all four in high school so that the more experienced players could ramp up the volume and drown out the tragically bad new players in the lower grades. But oh no, now, due to the continued pussification of America each grade has their own concert and each section has its own song within that concert so we can highlight the progress of the chilluns and aren't they speshul snowflakes and...Oh My Holy Gods please fucking make it stop. Don't play that note again. It does not appear on any sheet of music ever written ever in the history of humans SHUT UP!


Because I'm a snarky bitch. It's a skill, one I am self-important and pretentious enough to share with the blogshpere.

You care. Your anticipated utter silence will be but a clever ruse to hide how much you care.