Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I’m a person of faith. Not one of those obnoxious, in your face, evangelizing people, just one of the many, many people in the world who believe in some higher power. This is not an entry about what I believe, because seriously, who other than me gives a damn?

This is an entry about reality.

I’ve spent a not small portion of my time lately around atheists, which is something I enjoy. The debates are often edifying. But I’ve noticed something that I find rather amusing. Many of them are massive hypocrites.

Lots of people are, so they shouldn’t feel bad about that but it is a fact nonetheless.
If you spend time on any atheist website you’ll see what I mean. Essentially the rhetoric is all the same. Religion is responsible for all the evil in the world, it dulls the mind, religion is malicious malevolent and unworthy of respect. It is irrational and atheists are rational. Atheism is the only logical religion. By extension, people of faith are not rational. As religion is not worthy of respect, people of faith are not worthy of respect either. Silly little religious people, believing in things they can’t prove. Atheists know there is no god.

And right there, that last sentence? That’s where the wheels come off the wagon of this argument and I start laughing. Because seriously, guys, it makes you look silly. Totally aside from the condescending arrogance which makes you sound like nothing more than the most fanatic of extremists there’s something you need to understand.

You don’t know shit.

Really. You don’t know anything. You believe. You believe that there is no god but until you can prove it you should stop pretending that you can because it really cuts the legs out from under the rationality song you guys are singing.

I’m a Christian and I know that there is a god.

I’m an atheist and I know that there is no god.

These two sentences are fundamentally the same and there’s nothing rational about either of them. There's a point where any school of thought, including atheism, can veer into fanaticism and the point is right about the time people start using unsupportable blanket statements.

Unless and until someone can unequivocally disprove the existence of god you really need to shut up. And since you can’t disprove the existence of god, please shut up. You sound foolish.

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