Monday, August 16, 2010

Hallowed Ground?

Normally, I'm not all re-tweet, pass this along-y. But this is important.

You know all the idiocy happening around the "Ground Zero Mosque," which isn't at Ground Zero and is a community center not unlike a YMCA.

Look at this. Tell everyone you know.

I don't care what you actually think about the plans to build the facility because unless you agree with me, you're wrong.

Muslims died in the towers.

Muslims died defending the US in the subsequent wars.

Muslims are citizens of this nation.

This nation whose founding tradition is freedom of religion. Think about that. The people writing out the Bill of Rights decided to put freedom of religion right at the top. It's the first thing they listed. Freedom of religion.

Not freedom of religion if it's popular.

Not freedom of religion if it's the easy decision.

Freedom of religion, fucking period.

There's a reason we call these things rights; not just because they are accorded to us by law but because they are the right thing to do. Also because it doesn't matter if they are popularly accepted. THEY ARE RIGHTS. Everyone has them, no matter what.

Why is the ground only hallowed in the face of a house of worship and not in the face of a fucking strip club or off track betting or fast food? Is that respectful to the people who died? And seriously, how the fuck did a Burlington Coat Factory become "hallowed," anyway.

Trust me. I've shopped at one. Not that hallowed.

The answer to these questions is IT'S NOT ABOUT HALLOWED GROUND. IT'S ABOUT HATING MUSLIMS. Duh.

The right has been pumping this basic theme since the 1960's. They call it the Southern Strategy. It works like this:

Contact White voters.

Identify the group that White voters fear and upon whom they will readily lay the blame for their problems.

Make up problems if you have to, or if actual problems are your damned fault in the first place.

SHOUT AT TOP VOLUME that the group identified is, in fact, the cause of the problem.

Repeat final two steps as often as necessary.

Shit like that leads to this.

The Tea Baggers invited this woman to my town. She's coming to spew her venom and hate and lies where I live. And let's not get it twisted. We're not talking about some quirky political fringe member. She's the KKK in a better outfit.

She lies and in so doing she puts American citizens in danger.

That's while I'm going to protest the Tea Baggers and their venomous speaker this Saturday. If it were the idiot Phepls clan, I'd be there protesting. If it were the actual KKK, I'd be there protesting. I'm gonna be there on Saturday because it's long past time that someone told these people that their hate isn't welcome in decent communities.

And you know what the saddest thing is? The whole basis of extremist Muslim rhetoric is that the US is at war with Islam. So, basically, all this ignorance being thrown around about this mosque is reinforcing their point as much as humanly possible. Way to go morons.

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