Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Tea Baggers

You fucking morons.

Please inderstand me, I don't mean that you disagree with my point of view and are therefor morons. I mean you voted for people who spent nearly a decade doing exactly what you say you hate and they're about to do it again.

Soon-to-be-Speaker Bohner thinks that the first item on the agenda in the new year should be extending the Bush tax cuts. In the same breath he insisted that the debt needs to be cut. Um...yeah.

If you take the deficit we have now $13,736,760,770,420.66 according to the national debt clock. And you add $700,000,000,000 hich is the cost of the Bush tax cuts according to the CBO YOU GET A BIGGER DEBT!

Why is this math hard for some people?

So yeah, you are morons because you took the same lies and idiocy that got into a huge financual problem in 2008 and decided that it was a great idea to try it again, and did so despite the fact that it stands in direct opposition to our stated goals.

You got took. You got hoodinked. You fucking morons.

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