Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sister Wives, if I Must

People won't stop asking me what I think of the the show so here is my one big answer to which I am going to refer anyone who asks me from now on.

I think that show is to my marriage as The Craft is to my religion.

In other words, those morons are on a fucking TV show. They have nothing to do with reality. Yes, I know they call it “reality television.” They’re lying. Nothing that heavily edited and carefully produced can accurately be connected with reality.
The primary difference is that Mr. and Mrs. Potamus are equally my spouses. We are not “sister wives.” We’re just wives. She is my wife as much as she is his. That’s how our family works.

Lots of people take it upon themselves to pass judgment on us, especially Mr. and assume that we are in some sort of religious, repressive, freaksome, patriarchal relationship.

Those people have never met us.

Seriously, have you been reading anything I’ve written here? There’s no “man as the head of the household,” bullshit in my home. It just doesn’t work that way. I don’t work that way.

The people on Sister Wives don’t work that way either, not really. I mean, they may have their whole divided up house, sleeping rotation thing going but anyone who believes that these women are simply cow towing to their husband they have simply never been married, or met other humans. Relationships do not work that way long term and the more people that you involve in the relationship the less likely it is that any one person is really in charge.
The bottom line of this show is that they, like every other person on “reality TV,” is in it for the adulation and the money. Period. Don’t kid yourself. Whatever their claims of motivation are, that’s what it’s really about.

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