Sunday, April 11, 2010

Out of Character

For me at least.

I've been on a makeup binge lately. If you know me you know that I'm the girl who will wear makeup to important events and then wipe it off as soon as said event is over. Not a makeup girl am I.

That said, I've been having cosmetic needs lately. But cosmetics, good ones are expensive. Unless you, like me are geeky enough to search out dupes of the best and most popular brands.

I offer them to you now, for your edification and budget saving needs.

I know MAC is the big dog of makeup hotness. It's also expensive to the point of stupidity. The drugstore is your friend.

MAC brushes are great. They're hand made and soft as hell. They're also crazy expensive, like I said before. Why waste you money?

Here's where being a crafty bitch comes in handy. Rather than spending $42.00 on a blush brush just go to the craft store. The art section of your local craft has every type of crush in every texture, made of every material in the world and they won't cost you a ridiculous amount of money.

The itty, teeny, tiny MAC lip brush is $20.00. Or you could stock up on a bunch of artist's brushes and save your money for fun stuff.

Next up is foundation primer. Especially those of you who use the mineral foundation; you want primer. MAC primer, and every other big name brand primer, honestly, is upwards of $20.00. Buy this instead.

Yes, it's Monistat anti-chafing gel. Get over the intended function. It's exactly the same thing and it's $7.00.

The thing that everyone loves so much about MAC, aside from the smooth texture of the product itself, is the high pigment content. Here's a tip; Black Lady makeup.

We women of high melanin need higher pigment makeup. Go buy some. I suggest Milani and Loreal HIP. Both of them have a high pigment content and you can always blend it into a more subtle look if that suits you.

Buy pretty. Buy smart. Spend more money on yarn.


Roxanne said...

I like this! Though I will probably forever chuckle at putting chaffing creme on my face.

Snarkopotamus said...


Yeah the chafing cream is a hurdle but I'm cheap enough that the price difference convinces me.

I'm also dork enough to seriously consider putting it in little empty makeup pots rather than just leave the tube sitting with the rest of my stuff.